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Entrepairs, Industrial Facilitator

Entrepairs is an industrial subcontracting and load-sharing network. We reference different companies' production capabilities and present them to buyers. This provides two advantages: subcontractors can optimise their machines and diversify their client base, and purchasers can obtain shorter manufacturing turnover with trustworthy companies.


Machine Spec Sheets: Our Method

We use machine spec sheets that we publish on our website as both digital and physical communication tools, in order to publicise the various skills available within our network.
We use natural and paid referencing techniques, as well as social networks, trade shows, in-person meetings and exchanges. These tools give us the opportunity to recommend our network’s members to originators we are in contact with.

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The Founders

Entrepairs was originally launched by a duo. Alexia directs and channels the company’s strategic choices, while web development expert Valentin designs and references the content of our Entrepairs.fr website. They are siblings.

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