Industrial Terms and Techniques Glossary

Additive Manufacturing

Let's explore additive manufacturing, well known as 3D printing. This new fabrication process is developing fast in industry. Today to produce plastic, it's what...


Cabling is the process that allows electrical connection from the electrical panel to the various equipment of the workshop.

Commingling, Emulsion

Blender, and agitator are equipment for cosmetic and pharmaceutical production as well as in chemical and agribusiness.


The cutting is the process used to separate a piece of material from a biger one. It is been called customised cutting when the shape varies from standards.

Drilling - Punching

Drilling and punching are two technics that creates holes. Drilling compare to punching can only produce round holes.

Engineering consultant

Engineering service helping in production technical conception.

Flexible sachet shaping

We may find multiple solutions to pack products. The flexible sachet advantage is their weight, very light, their small volume both ease the transportation and storage reducing costs. Their disadvantages are...


To forge to produce a metal deformation with heating without, reaching the melting point.


The foundry is an industrial activity working with metal. In order to produce foundry pieces the first step is to melt the metal at very high temperature, them it needs to be poured in a mould. Cooling the metal keeps the mould shape to constitute...

Industrial design

The industrial design is an expression that describe the action of product creation taking care of beauty, usefulness, convinience, safety, ergonomy and identity (branding).

Industrial Performance

Industrial performance is a continuous improvement approach with economic and productive efficiency objectives.

Laser cutting

The laser is a beam of energy concentrated on a small surface. The power of lasers is used for cutting materials or welding.